"I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith."

(II Timothy 4:7)

Indiana Catholic Cross Country Championships

Saint Theodore Guerin Catholic High School Presents:

The Annual: "Indiana Catholic Cross Country Invitational"

When: September 14, 2013
Where: Saint Theodore Guerin High School (Guerin Catholic High School), Noblesville, Indiana (15300 Gray Rd, Noblesville, IN 46062)
Time : Opening Ceremonies begin at 10:45am


This September 8th, there will be over 20 Catholic schools from across the state (out of 25 possible) come to our campus for the "Indiana Catholic Cross Country Invitational"... literally from every Indiana diocese. There will be schools from the Ohio River, Lake Michigan, the Ohio border, and the Illinois border. Folks are truly excited about this event, with local CYO coaches rescheduling their events around attending this, families planning overnight trips to Indy to enjoy the whole day's festivities, and very substantial media coverage of the event (Catholic Moment cover, perhaps??).

Of course, the races themselves are the reasons we are getting together, but are not the part that makes the day a special event, celebrating the day as a Catholic community is. We will have Mass following the races, awards, and then a Tailgate picnic (with the coaches from the schools racing on the course during the picnic, the athletes will love that!).

We are formally inviting all the school presidents, principals, and clergy to join us for the day. Every aspect of this day, from the Opening Ceremony to the Tailgate, will be about all our Catholic High School Community as a whole and not Guerin Catholic specifically.

We are the proud sponsors of the two trophy's that will be presented to each of the winning teams, both Girl's and Boy's teams. These trophies will be awarded each year, and each year the Knights of Columbus will be there to not only support, but present. We have been asked to provide an "Honor Guard" for presentation of colors. I am also asking that every Knight in the State of Indiana that can attend this event - to please be there. If you have Regalia, wear it - if not, just be there to show solidarity. Remember, this is a "Catholic Community gathering" - not just a Youth Sporting event. You should get a tremendous amount of exposure for your order, and also provide for some membership solicitation, as we have also been provided a "tent" to utilize for your own purposes.

The two trophies' we will be awarding:
For the Boy's - The "Bishop Simon Brute' Award" (Indiana's first Bishop)
For the Girl's - Will be "Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Award" (known for her advancement of education in the Indiana and elsewhere)

Why the second week in September?
Since this event will be held on the 2nd Saturday of September every year, we would be remiss if we did not remember the significance of September 11th holds for our nation. Instead of admission, we will have donation boxes setup, so that guests can choose to make a free-will donation. This year, all donations will be split evenly between the USO and Wounded Warriors charities, so that they may continue helping those who have given so much for us. Every year, we will do the same with various charities that care for the needs of the firemen/women, police, and military members that serve us all.

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